October 10, 2012

The Photograph Wedding (review)

Sebelumnya gw intermezzo dulu yaaaa..

Jadi, semingguan yang lalu gw dapet email dari Ribka, kalau foto-foto gw udah di publish blog mereka. Sempet waktu itu gw dan Uud di wawancara dadakan sama Ribka. Dia bilang mau tulis profil gw dan Uud di blog.. 

"Unlike the other couples who usually knew each other as old friends or through some coincidental browsing on Facebook, Avin and Ica did not even have mutual close friends. You can see them as strangers to each other. It was interesting where two of them met for the first time. It was in Avin’s sister wedding back then in 2011. They were not the guests in the wedding, Avin is the bride’s brother and Ica is one of the D+D wedding organizer’s crew. 

According to the common practice that time, Avin as the bride’s sibling had to be the stopper at the downstage of the bride and groom with Ica beside him who was coincidentally assigned on the same spot. Then it happened when the older relatives started to shake hands with Avin, they kept asking when he is getting married. 

At first Avin only replied with smile or ‘next time’ until he started to feel bored with his own answer and changed it to ‘soon, here’s my wife-to-be’ while pointing at Ica who was standing beside him. Ica was just wondering what a random reply this guy was talking to his family while keeping her best smile to them anyway. At the end of the day, she just took it as a joke of the day from whom she admitted a cute-looking guy.

Some days later after the wedding, Avin came to D+D’s office for some matter. Helen, the marketing person under the Dyna’s instruction from D+D told him that one crew was asking for him then Helen asked whether he wanted her phone number. Avin was curious which crew that was and Helen answered the one with hijab (Muslim head cover). In ease, he said he won’t reject if they gave the number. At the same time, Dyna told Ica that the bride’s brother was asking for her phone number. It was so suspicious because she thought who this guy was that he wanted her phone number. 

His first message was ‘is this the one who was ‘my wife to be’ ?’ 😁 Maybe it’s their similarity of light and easy personality that makes them perfect together or it might be the other things. Whatever it is that fit them together we felt happy for them as they indeed really looked compatible for each other.

Sometimes what we said they could come true as there’s this saying ‘be careful what you wish for/say ’cause you might just get it all’ but thank God, in this case, Avin said a good one! Of course, congrats to the D+D crew who had made this thing possible through their match-making secret project.

The time from the first meeting till the wedding day was fast but I like to see this couple as they reflect much acceptance and trust to each other. A year that they’ve been through together, I guess, was full of beautiful thoughts and deeds. In fact, Ica has actually been writing what I believe only a little piece of their big happy journey together on their own blog. Their story is cute and refreshing it could be a model of how easy it should be to love someone. I personally like their blog as it is full of positive happy stories of a couple. Avin told me that Ica does have weaknesses but he found no reason not to like her which is so sweet of him to say that and then the way that she is not faking herself and being her own self is what attracts him the most. On the other hand, Ica said that she likes Avin who is a kid lover, a humorous one who seldom fails to make her laugh, a fun maker, and most importantly he could be an imam for her.." 

-- disini aslinya :) -- 

Suka banget sama tulisannya Ribka. Sampe terharu sendiri gw bacanya. Uud malah kasih stabillo di beberapa kalimat yg ribka buat sambil mesem2 :). "Rasanya kamu mantengin blog aku sampe abis ya Ribka?? Karena jawaban pas di wawancara dadakan kmrn aku gak kasih jawaban detail.. kmu jempolan!!"

Gw puaaass banget sama hasil foto-fotonya The Photograph Wedding. Hasilnya kayak apa yang gw dan Uud mau. Sangat real. Gak sia-sia pencarian kita kemarin itu. Gw pakai photographer utama, Mas Dicky cuma pas akad dan resepsi. Untuk lamaran dan pengajian gw pakai asistennya, Kahfi. Pas acara, mungkin tim The Photograph Wedding ada sekitar 10an orang, include tim videography. Suka deh sama cara kerja mereka. Sangat memastikan foto yang di ambil sempurna, or at least mendekati sempurna. 

Cuma 2 minggu gw langsung dikasih copy hasil foto. Gak ada yang missed. Kecuali detail dekorasi, pakaian dan catering. Hehe, i love details.. ada sii, tapi beberapa foto yang diambil kurang representative buat gw :( Tp mungkin salah gw juga. Karena sebelumnya gw gak request yang mendetail soal ini.. hehee. 

Btw, mungkin dalam 2 minggu ini gw dan Uud mau main ke workshopnya The Photograph Wedding. Mau nyalin 80G raw foto-fotonya.. hihiii. Sama sekalian gw pingin presentasiin konsep album yang gw mau ke Mbak Rena... aaa, cant wait!!

Once again, thank you The photograph Wedding's team.. specially Mbak Rena, Mas Dicky, Kahfi dan Ribka.

Bless you all :)


  1. So sweet banget kisah pertemuannya. :')
    Lihat fotonya juga baguuus bangett.. Icanya cantiikk. (y)
    Btw, Happy Marriage, happily ever after.. :)

    1. hehehe...iyah. makasi arfiana ucapan n doanya :)

  2. icaaaa... unyu banget itu storynya <3
    emang kalo udah jodoh ga kmana yaaa... ada aja cara nyatuinnya :D

    1. hihihii....iya ratna :)
      udah segede apa skrng perutmuu?? doakan nyusul yaa.. :p

  3. icaaa... hehe iyap aku mantengin blog kamu, aku bolak balik kayak lagi baca buku gitu lho :) hehehe... nice-and-easy-to-read blog! hehe.. hope to meet you soon yah. biar kelar smuanya n you can enjoy your dream wedding album. aminnn :)

    1. Iyaaaah...ayooo cepet ketemu.
      Mumpung msh semangat niii..hihii

      Btw..akhirnya aku dapet blog kmu. Aku masukin linknya ke blog aku ya ;)

  4. fiuh akhirnya got the date ;) iyes nh mumpung masih anget dari oven yah :) ehehehe.. siff makasi bgt say. what an honour :D


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